About ActionCamReviewR.com

Welcome to ActionCamReviewR.com, I'm Fabrizio Van Marciano and I'm truly happy that you found this website.

I created this site for one simple reason: I love videography and vlogging, and, of course, using action cameras both in my business and in my fun-filled life as a dad of two crazy kids. In fact, our family rule is that we never go on a vacation without packing a few action cams in the suitcase.

These little cameras are super compact, lightweight, powerful, robust, waterproof (with a casing), and with newer technology, they can often take just as good video footage and still images as a lot of these other bulky and expensive cameras and camcorders out there.

My first action camera experience was with a GoPro Hero3 almost 8 years ago and I was in love with that thing.

It was actually a birthday present from my wife, and as an avid bodyboarder/surfer, traveling to the Canary Islands for our annual surfing trip and good times with friends, we always brought with us a few of these action cameras to capture those memorable moments, both in the water and on dry land.

My surfing days are somewhat over now, but my love for using action cameras is still very much alive. Moreover, these little cameras are great fun to let the kids loose with, so they can capture their own special moments too.

ActionCamReviewr.com will help you find the best action cam for your trip!

Whether you're planning the surfing adventure of a lifetime with your friends, or a memorable family holiday. If you're looking for the perfect action-cam to take away with you, ActionCamReviewr has got you covered.

We not only review sports action cameras, but we also put them to the test. We check usability, durability, compactness, list all of the built-in features, compare features, accessories, explore the user-interface, and much more.

We also demo these cameras and provide real footage in our unboxing and review videos. In addition, we also have a blog that shares a ton of useful and practical tips for using your action-cam, taking care of your action-cam, and much more.

Meet Fabrizio Van Marciano: Family man, web designer, blogger, vlogger, and solopreneur.

I am a happy and content family guy who also happens to be a successful freelance web designer and developer, filmmaker and vlogger, blogger, and solopreneur.

As well as running and managing my main business as a web designer and front-end developer, I've also built several successful blogs and online businesses in a variety of niches.

Vlogging, creating and using videos have always been a big part of my online business strategy over the years, and I now love nothing more than creating content using this powerful and intimate medium to communicate, educate, and inspire my fans, followers, and customers.

I use a range of cameras and digital recording equipment in my business, from my trusty Panasonic Lumix G7, to my iPhone 8, to my favorite action camera, the Campark ACT74 4k Action Cam.

Through my passion and love for filming and using sports action-cams, I hope the content, reviews, guides, and videos on this website will be of incredible value to you.

If you have any questions or you'd like to get in touch with me, visit my contact page here.

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