AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Action Camera Review & Spec

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July 1, 2019
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Welcome to yet another action camera review here on ActionCamRevier.com

So, today we get our hands on the AKASO Brave 4 4K camera with a 20MP photosensor, Gyroscope and image stabilization, remote control, and a nice bundle of mounting accessories to go. Let's take a closer look.

What is the AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera?

AKASO is a digital electronics consumer company that create a range of high-spec yet affordable sports action and dash cameras.

Whether you have a passion for extreme sports, or just love capturing beautiful images and videos using action cams, the AKASO Brave 4 4K Cam is one of the most exciting action cameras to use.

This particular model is an upgrade from the original EK700 series.

If you've never used an action camera before but thinking about investing in a more expensive setup, before you part with your hard earned cash, first check out our review of the AKASO Brave 4, right here.

Full Spec And Key Features

The key features of this camera are:

  1. 4K UHD recording.
  2. 20MP photosensor (Adjustable to 15MP and 12MP)
  3. Gyroscope image stabilization (EIS)
  4. WiFi remote
  5. HDMI output
  6. Waterproof case
  7. SD Card slot for up to Class 10 64GB max

Now, let's take a look at the list of other notable features and functions:

  1. 170 degrees adjustable viewing angle
  2. Built-in smart gyroscope anti-shaking technology
  3. 5 X Zoom
  4. Instant share by connecting the camera with a smartphone
  5. Time-lapse mode.
  6. 2 inch IPS screen (Non-touch responsive)
  7. Front-of-camera LCD screen (Dual screen)
  8. waterproof down to 100 feet
  9. 19-piece accessory kit

What could this camera be used for?

Sports action cameras are super versatile. You can use this cam for surfing, snorkelling, diving, swimming, bodyboarding. Or use one of the helmet mounting accessory's to capture videos and images when canoeing, rock climbing, caving, and more.

Unboxing the AKASO Brave 4 action camera

Here's what's in the box -

1 x AKASO Bravo 4 4K UHD 20MP Camera
2 x 1050mAh Rechargeable batteries and charging dock and USB lead
19-piece mounting accessory kit
1 x wireless remote control
1 x user manual


Build quality and waterproof housing

The construction of the Brave 4 action camera is made up of mostly plastic components. The plastic, however, is durable and doesn't feel cheap at all. The surface of the camera has a grippy feel to it, and the style of the camera is closely similar to the Campark X20 which we recently reviewed here.

The waterproof case, like most of these on budget cameras is pretty decent too. Made of clear, durable plastic with rubber seals around the door and buttons.

Recommended Reading: How To Take Care Of Your Action Camera

What is the video and image quality like?

OK, so let's take a quick look at the video resolution formats in which the Brave 4 action cam is capable of recording at below:

  • 4K @ 24fps
  • 2K @ 30fps
  • 1080P @ 60FPS

Recording video footage in 1080p at 60FPS is ideal if you want to slow down some of the footage in post-production.

The quality of the images taken with the Brave 4 is not too bad either, at 20MP. Works very well outdoors without distorting images as some wide-angle lens action cams do.

(Sample Image Coming Soon)

Video stabilization

The video quality is just as crisp and good quality on the Brave 4, and with Gyroscope Stabilization built-in, you can expect your footage to be close to perfect without the shaky hand-held camera effect to go.

You don't need to use this camera with a stabilization gimbal, but I'm pretty sure using one will only improve your video stability and quality even more, especially if you're using it in such an extreme sport where you'll be moving around quite aggressively.

What about SD slot for storage?

The camera comes with an SD card slot on the side, this is not covered up, you just push your card in and click into place very much like the Campark action cameras.

The recommended card for use with this action-cam is a class 10 or higher max 64GB. I use and recommend something like the SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro.

Batteries and battery life?

The AKASO Brave 4 4K sports action camera comes with 2 x 1050mAh rechargeable batteries, a charging dock so you can charge both batteries at the same time, and a USB cable.

Battery life depends on your usage, so for instance, recording at 1080p you can expect each battery to last up to 90 minutes.

User-interface and options

The 2 inch IPS screen is not touch-sensitive on this camera, which I was disappointed to see, as this is one of the more higher-end budget action cameras. The Campark X20 we recently unboxed and reviewed featured a nice 2-inch touch screen, which improves navigating around the on-screen options in my opinion.

The user interface isn't bad, it's not the best, or I should say, as nice of an experience as using something like the Apexcam M80 Pro Camera, but workable, and there's no delay when clicking through the options, which is great.

What accessories are included with the AKASO Brave 4?

Here's a full list of accessories in the kit provided with this camera -

  • 1 x Bicycle stand
  • 7 x Various mounts
  • 2 x Clip
  • 1 x Helmet mounts
  • 1 x Bandages
  • 5 x Tethers
  • 1 x Protective backdoor

Likes and dislikes?

OK, so let me first share with you what I actually liked about the Brave 4 -

  1. Compact and lightweight, similar in weight to the Campark ACT74 we reviewed recently.
  2. Decent build quality, though, not that stylish to look at.
  3. Useful front-of-camera LCD screen to view battery life and recording time.
  4. Nice sharp image quality when shooting stills with image stabilization.
  5. Great quality 2K and 4K video.
  6. Good on-screen options.
  7. Wireless and WiFi remote control.

And the dislikes?

  1. No external mic input.
  2. Remote not waterproof.
  3. No carrying/storage case.
  4. No touchscreen.
  5. No voice control.

Final verdict

The AKASO Brave 4 model is a great all-around action camera that would be the perfect alternative to a more expensive sports action cam. You get 4K video quality, decent image quality, image stabilization, an adjustable wide-angle view, with some decent mounting accessories.

That said, I think you could also look at the Apexcam M80 Pro which is kind of similarly priced, and you get a few more extras and features as well, like touchscreen and external mic input.

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