Apexcam M80 Pro EIS Action Camera 4K 20MP WiFi Sports Camera Review

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June 13, 2019
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It seems that every action camera that I get to use and review these days, I instantly fall in love with. Yep, I'm in love with the Apexcam M80 Pro. Read on to find out why!

If you're looking for a sports camera to take away with you on your next surfing or skiing holiday - before you go out and splash your hard-earned cash on one of those other more expensive brands, here's all you need to know about the Apexcam M80 Pro EIS.

Update: Check out my full review of the Apexcam M90 Pro here.

This camera is the latest offering from Apexcam. It's super lightweight, powerful enough to even use as your main travel camera, and it comes packed with a ton of goodies that you're going to love. Let's get to it!

What is the Apexcam M80 Pro EIS Sports Action Camera?

The M80 Pro is a beautifully crafted compact 4K UHD sports action camera with a built-in 170-degrees wide-angle lens, EIS, microphone input, and Wi-Fi. It comes with a waterproof housing submersible up to the depth of 40 meters, all nicely bundled with some awesome accessories in a quality hard case.

Main features of this camera

  • Records in HD, UHD, and 4K
  • Image resolution up to 20MP
  • 2.0 LCD screen
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Maximum SD card slot for 64GB (SD card not included)
  • 2 x batteries included with charging cradle and lead
  • Long battery life, 2 hours at 4K/30FPS
  • Waterproof up to 40 meters
  • Mic input (Comes with one clip-on microphone)
  • Remote control
  • Mounting accessories

What could this camera be used for?

Cycling, snorkeling, surfing, skiing, pretty much any extreme sport that you can think of, or that you're into, largely thanks to the durable waterproof case this camera comes in.

That being said folks, you can also throw this camera in your suitcase on your next family holiday to capture those memorable moments, or even capture some quality footage for your next vacation video.

Unboxing the Apexcam M80 Pro

Right, now the exciting bit, unboxing this camera and all those goodies inside.

You can also watch the unboxing video and demo below for a more hands-on overview of this action cam.

Here's a quick list of what's in the box -

1 x Camera storage travel case.
1 x Apexcam 4K action camera with waterproof case/housing.
2 x Rechargeable batteries with charging cradle and lead.
1 x External microphone with dual stereo.
1 x Pack of mounting accessories.
1 x User manual

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Build quality and waterproof casing

The build quality on the M80 Pro is pretty impressive. The camera itself is aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially with those beautifully curved edges. The camera is made up of mostly plastic material, which is soft to touch, it doesn't feel cheap at all. There's a nice matt feel to the camera itself.

The main controls for the camera are located at the top, with access to the mic input, micro USB input, and HDMI output on one side, and on the other side, you have access to the SD card slot and battery compartment.

The waterproof casing is also good quality too. It took me a little while to actually figure out how to open the case properly, but this is good as it's extremely secure and reduces the risk of being opened accidentally whilst in use.

What is the video and image quality like?

The Apexcam M80 Pro records in the following video formats -

  • 4K @ 30FPS (3840 x 2160)
  • EIS 4K @ 30FPS (3200 x x1800)
  • EIS 2.7K @ 30FPS
  • EIS 1080p @ 60FPS
  • EIS 1080p @ 30FPS
  • EIS 720p @ 120FPS

The demo video above shows off footage recorded in a variety of formats (see list below).

Recording at 60FPS makes it ideal if you want to slow down the footage for a more dramatic slow-mo effect in post-production.

Image resolution is as follows -

  • 20M
  • 16M
  • 12M
  • 8M
  • 5M

Video and image stabilization

The Apexcam action cam comes with built-in EIS which stands for Electronic Image Stabilization. Again, check out the video demo above for actual footage, and check out the image quality below.

Image taken with Apexcam M80 at 20MP, unedited.
The image was taken with Apexcam M80 at 20MP, unedited.

Actual video footage recorded in -

4K @ 30FPS with no EIS 3840 x 2160
4K @ 30FPS with EIS, resolution drops to 3200 x 1800

I also recorded some additional footage with the camera mounted to a Hohem Stabilization Gimbal to see just how useful the EIS is.

Footage with camera in the waterproof case

My initial thoughts on the camera's built-in stabilization, I think it's pretty decent, there's certainly a noticeable improvement with the EIS turned on. I took the footage whilst holding the camera in front of me as steady as I could, walking at a normal pace.

Footage with the camera removed from the underwater case and mounted on Gimbal.

Stabilization was obviously improved a great deal when mounted on the Hohem iSteadyPro stabilization gimbal.

Audio quality

Audio quality from the built-in mic is OK, not great. However, with this model, you have the dedicated mic input where you can use an external mic for better audio quality.

This is ideal if you're thinking about using this camera for vlogging or perhaps even doing a bit of live streaming.

What about the storage card slot?

The camera comes with an SD card slot capable of holding up to the maximum recommended 64GB card. Again, I would recommend using something like a SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro card for optimum storage of your 4K video content, and optimum performance.

Batteries and battery life

The Apexcam M80 Pro comes with 2 x fully rechargeable 1200aAh batteries, with a charging cradle and lead. Each battery will last on average 2 hours recording at 4K and 30FPS.

Full mounting accessory list

  • 1 x handlebar mount
  • 1 x pole mount
  • 1 x Basic buckle mount
  • 1 x Tripod mount
  • 1 x pivot arm, adaptor.
  • 1x 2.4G Remote
  • 1x Remote Bandage
  • 1 x Remote Button Cell
  • 1x External Microphone

Likes and dislikes

OK, let's get to what I actually like about the Apexcam M80 Pro, and what I don't like.

Likes -

  1. Incredibly lightweight, it feels so light that you'd think it was an empty camera shell. Especially when compared to the Campark ACT74, recently reviewed here.
  2. Nice aesthetic design. Looks and feels great to hold.
  3. Large 2-inch screen.
  4. External mic input (Big plus).
  5. Built-in stabilization (Kind of works).
  6. Convenient charging cradle, though it means you have to take the battery out each time. Not sure if the battery can be charged whilst left in the camera using a micro USB lead.
  7. Comes with remote control.

Dislikes -

  1. No touch screen, sadly.
  2. Slight loading delay when clicking from the camera view to the options view.
  3. Loud clicking sound when pressing down on the buttons.


With so many makes and models of action cameras to choose from, sometimes picking the one that ticks all of the boxes can be a bit tricky. Not with this camera.

Overall, the Apexcam M80 Pro is a fantastic sports action camera that should meet all your needs for capturing action video footage in superb quality.

Whatever your game, at this price, you get a well-built, well-designed camera kit with some decent mounting accessories and extras and a nice travel hard-case. You get a pretty good deal in other words.

Was it worth my time and money? Personally, yes, in every sense. I will certainly be taking this one on our next family vacation.

Apexcam M80 Pro Camera Deals

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