Apexcam M90 Pro Review: Powerful 4K 20MP Action Camera!

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October 12, 2020
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A long old while back, I had the pleasure of unboxing the Apexcam M80 Pro EIS. It's a good few years old but I still use this camera in my office for recording b-roll content for my videos, as well as holidays. Today, I'm finally getting my hands dirty with the unboxing of the M90 Pro model.

Is this little compact action camera worth your time and money? And if you already own an M80 Pro, is it worth upgrading? Let's find out.

You're definitely not limited by choice when it comes to budget action cameras. These days, there are so many makes and models to choose from, and all of them offer varying levels of quality and value for money.

Apexcam is one of my favorite makes. I was very impressed by the M80 model, so naturally, I was excited to get out there and grab myself the M90 Pro model, even though I'm a bit late for the party, as the M80 was launched last year.

So, here's what you can expect from this unboxing review. We're going to be unboxing, checking what's in the box, and taking the camera for a test-drive.

  1. What's in the box?
  2. Camera features
  3. Build quality
  4. Video and audio quality
  5. Live WiFi
  6. Storage
  7. Pros and cons
  8. Verdict

Let's get started.

What's in the box?

This was actually one of the best deals out there when it comes to waterproof sports cameras. The M90 Pro comes with a host of goodies, including a remote selfie-stick, 2 x batteries, and a charging dock.

Here's the full list -

  1. 4K 20MP M90 Pro Camera
  2. Waterproof housing (Up to 40 meters)
  3. Remote control selfie stick
  4. 2 X rechargeable batteries, dock, and lead
  5. A ton of accessories
  6. Storage case
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Camera features

The Apexcam M90 is capable of recording 1080p and 4K video and taking UHD images at 20MP. This is made possible because of the built-in EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), a feature that we also saw in the M80 model. Other features like 170-degree wide-angle and multifunction mode are also built into this compact camera. The M90 is also WiFi-enabled.

One feature that I like is the screen size. You get a nice two-inch screen just as you did with the M80 model, however, there's still no touch screen which is a bit of a shame.

In addition to the built-in mic, there's also a dedicated mic input, which is great if you want to add an external mic and improve the audio or use the camera for vlogging. But of course, this isn't practical for sports use.

Ports and buttons

Ports include a MicroSD slot, Micro USB port, Micro HDMI port, and mic input. Buttons include the power button at the front of the camera, the shutter/select button located at the top, and toggle buttons on the camera's side.

Asides from taking video and photos, the camera also has time-lapse and photo-burst feature.


The UI on the M90 Pro is no different from the UI on the M80 Pro. Still very easy to navigate your way around the options, once you've found where they all are, it's a breeze to use.

Options include video, photo, and general settings.

Build and design quality

The design of the Apexcam M90 Pro is nothing like the M80. It is still made up of mostly plastic/rubber components. However, it now looks a lot like so many other budget cams out there, particularly the CamPark ACT74.

M80 in the rear and the M90 in the front - Comparison

Personally, I prefer the sleek design of the M80; it had a matt finished surface, flushed-buttons, which made it none-slip. The M80 also looks and feels a little bit better quality as well. The only mat finish visible on the M90 Pro model is on the front of the camera. That being said, I found it a lot easier to navigate through the M90 Pro options.

The plastic or Perspex waterproof housing is quite tough and durable, with stainless buttons for quick and easy operation. You do get a spare door and seals if you need to replace them.

Generally, the M90 Pro is much lighter than the M80, which means you can pack this bad boy with your main camera or use it as a stand-alone camera for your outdoor adventures.

Video, image, and audio quality

OK, so this is what you really came here for, right? What's the video, image, and audio quality like?

As already mentioned, the M90 can record 1080P at 60FPS and 4K video at 30FPS and take UHD images at 20MP. But like a lot of these low-end compact action cameras, it's either a hit or miss when it comes to video and image quality.

The M80 Pro model was pretty decent, not the best, but decent enough. However, if it wasn't for the EIS feature, I think both the video or image quality wouldn't be that great.

The video quality on the M90 model is also pretty good. In fact, it's a tad improvement from the previous model. It seems the EIS is a lot more effective, and I'll post a short video review here shortly.

The image quality isn't too bad either, a little grainy even at 20MP but pretty decent for a budget action camera. Here is a couple of shots I took with the camera at 20MP.

Image captured indoors at 20MP
Image captured outdoors at 20MP

The audio quality of the built-in mic is OK, I wasn't expecting anything more than that, to be honest. The dedicated mic input is useful and definitely improves the audio quality. If you're going to use this camera for vlogging, you would definitely want to use an external mic.

Live WiFi

This is a feature that allows you to use the camera remotely. So, if you're planning on using it attached to your helmet, road bike, surfboard, or whatever else, this could be useful as you can use your phone to control and access and share photos. However, the range is said to be around 15 meters max, so keep this in mind if you're thinking about attaching the camera to anything else such as a small drone.


The M90 Pro doesn't come with built-in storage. The MicroSD slot is capable of holding a 64GB Micro SD card which should be ample enough for most uses.

What could this camera be used for?

Cycling, snorkeling, surfing, skiing, pretty much most of the popular extreme sports. The waterproof housing is pretty durable, so whether you're taking it in the water up to 40 meters, or using it for rock-climbing, your camera should be well protected always.

You can also throw this camera in your backpack for your next family holiday and day trips, and use it to capture those memorable moments or some decent footage for your next wild adventure.

Pros and cons of the Apexcam M90

So far, this is not a bad camera. Yes, it's another budget action camera to consider buying, but one that comes with quite a few good features and bundled nicely with some sweet accessories. However, what's the real difference between the M90 Pro and the M80 Pro? I'm struggling to see any real difference.

Here's what I like about the M90 and what I don't like -

Let's start with the pros -

  1. Great bundle deal with a selfie stick, remote, and two batteries.
  2. Large screen.
  3. Built-in mic.
  4. External mic input.
  5. Waterproof housing.
  6. Carrying case.
  7. WiFi remote selfie-stick.
  8. A ton of accessories. Half of which you'll probably never use.
  9. Lightweight.
  10. 12-month manufacture warranty.
  11. User-friendly interface.

And the cons?

  1. Design not as nice as the M80 model. Build quality also not as tight either.
  2. No touch screen interface.
  3. The port panel is exposed and has no cover. Be careful when using the camera without its waterproof housing in damp or dusty places.
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The M90 Pro is a great all-around compact action camera, but I wouldn't say I like it as much as I like the M80 Pro. Externally, the camera is redesigned, if you can call it that. Externally, however, I couldn't find many things on the camera that is different from the M80 Pro.

Would I recommend it?

I think so, but it really depends on what you want it for. If you already own the Apexcam M80 Pro, I would say stick with what you have. If it's still working, that is. If you want to upgrade to the M90, you get a remote selfie-stick and a ton of accessories. That much can be said.

I won't be keeping the M90 myself, I've reviewed it and although it's great, it's no giant leap from the M80. I give it a well deserved 4.2 out of 5.

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