Crosstour HD 1080P Waterproof 170° Wide-angle Sports Camera Review

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June 28, 2019
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If you're looking for a simple, no-fuss, low-cost sports action camera that you can take on holiday, or just use to capture some footage at one of your favorite sporting event's, look no further than the Crosstour FHD 1080P action cam, which serves as today's topic of review.

Crosstour is a Shenzhen Long Tou Optics Company that manufacture a range of budget sports action and dash cameras.

The CT7000 is at the lower end of their action camera range. Ideal for anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful, no bells and whistles action cam that can capture decent quality video and photos.

Main sports camera specifications

The Crosstour CT7000 model action cam has a 12MP photosensor that captures full 1080P HD videos and quality still images in normal and burst mode. It has a 170-degree lens view and comes with WiFi and App remote control.

The camera comes with a rock-solid waterproof case, which makes it ideal for taking high-quality underwater videos and pictures at a maximum depth of 30 meters.

So, if you're into any kind of water-sports, this camera would be perfect.

The 2-inch HD LCD screen allows you to view your images and videos and make changes to the default camera settings.

No action cam package is complete without some mounting accessories, and the CT7000 comes with plenty of it, including 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries each capable of lasting up to 90 of usage time.

The Camera comes with an SD card slot capable of taking a class 10 maximum 32GB SD memory card. Memory card is not included.

I would recommend using something like the SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro.

CT7000 full list of specs

  1. FHD 1080P recording.
  2. 12MP photosensor.
  3. Dash cam mode.
  4. 30 meters waterproof case.
  5. WiFi and App remote.
  6. Built-in 2-inch LCD screen.
  7. Wide-angle view (170 degrees, non-adjustable view).
  8. Screen saver setting mode to conserve battery life.
  9. Burst photo mode.
  10. 18-piece mounting accessory pack.
  11. 2 x rechargeable batteries (90 minutes of recording time per fully charged battery.)

What's missing from this camera

Keeping in mind that this is a low-end, low-cost camera, here are some of the features that the CT7000 doesn't have -

  1. No built-in mic.
  2. No external mic input.
  3. No touch-responsive screen.

How does it compare with other low-end budget cams?

Once again, this is one of the cheapest cams around, however, in comparison to a similarly priced cam, like the Campark ACT74, that particular model comes with a few additional extras, such as 4K recording, 16MP sensor, built-in mic, etc.

Check out my review of the Campark ACT74 here.

Crosstour CT7000 review verdict

The Crosstour CT7000 is a decent quality, lightweight acton camera that's ideal for both the extreme sports individual, or for just taking on your leisurely travels.

I would recommend shopping around for similar low-end priced cameras as you may find some will have additional features that the CT7000 doesn't come with.

This is not a 4K camera, so if you're happy with 1080P FHD, this is perfect. For a 4K cam, I would check the Campark ACT74 that I recently reviewed here.

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