Gobe Six-Piece Filter Stack Review - UV, CPL, ND64

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June 8, 2019
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There's nothing that I don't like about Gobe, both as a company, and the products they create. Filters are a perfect accessory for any avid videographer or photographer, especially interested in taking images and shooting videos outdoors.

Some time ago, I purchased the Gobe six-piece filter kit for my Lumix G7 stock lens. I did this just before going on our annual vacation to the Canary Islands back in April of 2019.

The size I ordered was 46mm thread and they fit the G7 14-42mm lens kit perfectly.

I've used similar filters before on my old Sony A200 back in the day. Depending on the type of lens you put onto your camera lens kit, the difference can vary. Sometimes you'll see a noteable difference, and sometimes you won't at all.

Colored lens filters are great to use when you want to add some dynamic and perspective to certain images and video footage, like seascapes, sunsets, etc.

About Gobe

Gobe's story is quite a unique and very inspiring one. The company was founded by two photographers who gave up their day jobs to venture off on a two-year road trip across Latin America.

What they saw through the lens of their cameras, and from an environmental perspective, was both breathtaking and heartbreaking, and thus, Gobe was born.

You can read their full story over on their website here.

Packaging brilliance

I've actually got to talk a little bit about the packaging as this is a HUGE part of what they stand for.

Gobe's passion and vision are to clearly make an impact on our awareness of the environmental issue we face as humans, and they do this very well through their products and the way in which they package their products.

When you purchase a Gobe filter kit, it comes nicely packaged in a beautiful canvas bag packed inside a cylindrical environmental-friendly cardboard packaging.

What's even more impressive is for every product Gobe sells, the company plant's 5 trees! What an achievement, right?

What does this particular lens filter kit include?

OK, so this 46mm Gobe filter lens kit includes the following lenses -

  1. UV (ultra-violet)
  2. CPL (circular polarizer)
  3. ND64 (neutral density 64)
  4. Red filter
  5. Graduated orange filter
  6. Graduated blue filter

For easy organization and protection of the filters, each filter screws securely into one another, with a screwable metal protector cap on each end.

How do I use these filters on my camera?

You can use these filters in any way you want and depending on the subject, location, time of day, you're capturing footage.

The UV filter I tend to leave on my camera at all times, unless I'm capturing footage in my office when vlogging, then I remove the filters.

When I'm shooting videos outdoors, I'll certainly leave it on for added protection. If I'm on a beach on a beautiful day or shooting some b-roll footage at sunset, I'll also pop on the CPL filter to reduce glare, but not always.

The ND64 filter is great in situations where you need to shoot in brightly lit locations.

Because the filters are dual threaded, you can, of course, use multiple filters together should you really feel the need to.

For example, if I want to capture some sunset b-roll video footage, I will use the CPL filter and perhaps the graduated blue filter for a dramatic cool sky.

On our recent family holiday in Lanzarote, the location we stayed in was quite bright (the weather and the buildings around us), so the CPL filter with the UV filter became very handy for vlogging outdoors. See image below.

Is it really worth using a filter?

There's always the debate of whether using a filter is worth the time and effort. Yes, some filters can be quite expensive, but for the most part, I think a great quality filter is worth the investment for two reasons.

  1. To protect your camera lens kit from getting damaged or tarnished. Cleaning your lens is all well and good, but each time you have to wipe a mark on your lens, this can leave a smudge. Over time, consistent wiping can eventually remove the fine layers of protection that your lens kit has.
  2. Improve your video and images by blocking some types of unwanted light flares, haze, etc.

I wouldn't recommend using too many filters because this can sometimes dim down the quality of your images and video footage.

Using more than two filters, for example, is probably not such a great idea, as your camera has to work harder to try and focus on the subject without having to deal with the numerous filters that are in front of it.


The quality of these Gobe filters is high, as I expected. You can purchase a lot more expensive filters, but in all honesty, you'd be wasting your time and money. They're great to use but not the most essential things you need for your camera.

Using lens filters of any kind can improve your images and videos, especially when shooting outdoors, and these filters create a noticeable difference. There are plenty of other great lens filter manufacturers out there, and some cheaper alternatives too.

I use the Gobe lens filter kits for two personal reasons: I think the quality is superior, and I love what the company stands for.

Buying the correct Gobe filters for your camera lens kit

When purchasing filters for your camera, make sure you order the right thread size filter for your lens kit.

Take a close look at your lens, it should tell you somewhere on the front or the side what size you need. See image below. Best of luck.

It's a wrap!

OK, so I hope you've enjoyed reading through this quick review and overview of the Gobe filter lens kits that I use for my Panasonic camera. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page. I'll try my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

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