5 Ways To Improve Your Action Camera Stabilization

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June 13, 2019
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A few of the sports action cameras that we've recently reviewed on ActionCamReviewr.com come with some kind of stabilization feature or Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS for short).

However, if your action cam is quite old or just doesn't have this feature or any other kind of image stabilization, you have a few options to help fix your shaky footage problem.

  1. Purchase a new camera with EIS.
  2. Invest in a stabilization gimbal.
  3. Use a tripod.
  4. Use a stabilizing handle grip.
  5. Use some software to reduce camera shake in post-production.

Let's look at each option in more detail.

1. Purchase a new action camera with EIS

OK, so the easiest and most obvious thing you can do is just go out and buy yourself a brand new sports action camera with built-in EIS.

The Apexcam M80 Pro, which I recently reviewed here, comes with the EIS feature, as so does the Campark X20.

Buying a new camera might be nice, however, this option is not the most cost effective solution for improving camera footage stabilization, so let's see what's next.

2. Invest in a stabilization Gimbal

The second option you have is to invest in some kind of stabilization Gimbal. Now, there are quite a few of these things around, though I would recommend checking out the Hohem 3-Axis iSteadyPro, again, a product we recently reviewed here.

Whilst a gimbal will help you capture more stable video footage, carrying a gimbal around with you can be a bit of a pain, as these things aren't exactly light.

In addition, gimbals can be costly and so you'd probably be better off with a new action cam investment. So let's look at the next option.

3. Use a tripod or Selfie-stick

Using a tripod is the simplest, and most cost-effective, way to improve your action camera stabilization, as long as you don't need to move around much when capturing your videos, that is.

If you have a spare tripod lying around, make good use of it. If you don't otherwise, the Action Cam Desktop Tripod by Fantaseal is a small, compact, and lightweight tripod that could be a good option.

4. Use a stabilizing handle grip

The next cost-effective alternative to using a tripod is using a good old stabilizing handle grip. These are often used with DSLR's by some vloggers, but with the right mounting kit, you could pop your action cam onto one of these handles and improve your footage stabilization a little bit.

5. Reduce shaking in post-production

Now, the last option you have is to try and reduce or even remove the camera shake from your footage using some software during post-production of your video

If you use Final Cut Pro X on the Mac, by any chance, do check out the FCPX Stabilizer 2.0 plugin from PixelFilmStudios.

So there you have it, five simple ideas to fix shaky hand-held footage when using your action camera. Best of luck.

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