How To Take Care Of Your GoPro And Underwater Sports Action Camera

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June 18, 2019
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If you are using your sports action camera a lot, you're going to naturally see some wear and tear. The wearing really depends on what you're using your action cam for.

I used to surf every day back in my younger days, and every day I would take out my little GoPro Hero3. Of course, after so many hours subdued to salty sea water, and being bumped about underwater quite a bit, things started to wear out, such as rubber seals, hinges, and even cracks would appear on the waterproof casing.

Trust me, you don't want this to happen too quickly, obviously because you don't want your camera to be ruined and have to purchase a new one, right?

So, here are some tips for taking care of your underwater action camera, casing, and accessories.

1. Wash and dry your action cam waterproof case

The waterproof case should be washed out thoroughly with fresh water after each use. Do not use soap, obviously.

If there are any small pieces of sand, grit, mud, or grass, etc. inside the case, be sure to wash those away too.

Once washed, give it a good shake and simply allow to dry in a cool dry place, not in direct sunlight.

2. Replace rubber seals

When the times comes to replace the rubber seals in your action camera case, then do it!

There are the main door and button seals. Sometimes the lens cover might be separate and have its own seal.

You can usually get in touch with the company that manufactured your action camera and inquire about replacement seals and spare parts.

If it's not possible to replace the seals, consider purchasing a new waterproof case.

3. Watch out for cracks in waterproof case

After some time and heavy use, lines can appear on the waterproof case, and sometimes these can turn into genuine cracks. If your case is cracked, do not use it for obvious reasons. Get a new case.

If getting a new case isn't an option, here a quick tip:

Remove all the rubber seals and buttons, including the door, from the casing and spray a coating of clear gloss lacquer paint over the outside of the waterproof case. I used to do this myself which helped seal small cracks and lines, however, please note that I will not be held responsible if you ruin your camera case doing this. I'm simply sharing with you a tip that has previously worked for me.

4. Check for wear and tear in your accessories

It's equally important to ensure none of your most used accessories have bad wear and tear, such as cracks, splits, pieces missing, etc. The last thing you want is for your action camera to break off of one of your mounting accessories and become lost.

5. Use a carrying/storage case

Don't leave your action camera lying around where it might get damaged. Invest in a sturdy carrying/storage case, like this one on Amazon, to keep it safe and secure.

A sturdy case is also useful for storing the many mounting accessories that you might have for your sports action cam.

6. Keep the tiny lens clean

You can use some small dry cotton bud sticks to clean the camera lens and around the buttons on both the camera and waterproof case from time to time. A clear lens means you'll always have crisp images and video footage.

7. Keep the MicroSD card clean

Whenever possible, erase the data from your Micro-SD card and keep it clean. This will help your card to function flawlessly and ensure that any videos or images you capture are never corrupted.

So, there you have it, seven quick tips for taking care of your underwater action camera and accessories. If you look after your sports action cam, it will last you for many years to come.

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