Walway Triple Suction Cup Mount For Your Action Cam (Video Demo)

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September 15, 2019
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If you're looking for a simple way to mount your action camera device onto your car or van, then the Walway tri-suction cup mount should do the trick.

There's nothing cooler than capturing great looking video footage from your moving vehicle. That's one of my favorite things to do as a videographer.

Action cameras are small, light and compact enough for you to mount on your car or van or motorcycle. When it comes to suction cup mounts, you can simply do a quick search on Amazon to find a few decent ones, though, my advice is to be careful when purchasing any cheap suction cup mounts.

Security and stability

I recommend avoiding most of the single-suction cup mounts, especially for mounting more expensive and heavier cameras. The last thing you want to happen is the suction cup to come undone and you lose your camera whilst your vehicle is in motion.

This tri-cup suction mount is perfect because it gives you three times the stability and security when in use. Whilst you can mount an SLR camera up to 3KG I would be very careful doing so. Personally, I wouldn't do it.

Features -

  1. Three suction cups.
  2. Quick-release suction cups for quick setup.
  3. Fully adjustable 360-degree ball-joint for angling your action camera.
  4. Perfect for use on your windscreen, side window, or car door panel.
  5. Can handle up to 3kg in weight.

I like to capture raw video footage from crazy angles if I can, and the tri-cup suction mount can help you do just that with a lightweight action camera. The effects can be quite dramatic especially with the 170-degree view. See images below.

Mounting on a windscreen is pretty straight forward, though I would recommend moistening the cups first for extra grip. For mounting on car panels such as doors and hoods, I would recommend finding an area that is relatively flat or not too curvy to avoid destabilization or the suction cups coming undone.


Check out the short vlog I created below giving you an insight into the tri-cup suction cup, including mounting, and some cool video footage I captured using the Apexcam M80.

Quick pros and cons

  1. Decent quality even though most of it is made of plastic composite.
  2. Security and stability of three suction cups.
  3. Can be used to mount light-weight SLR up to 3KG as well as your action cameras.
  4. Adjustable at 360-degrees.
  5. Quick setup.

And the cons.

  1. No mounting accessories or adapters included. But you can use one of the many you might have with your action camera.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a great quality three-cup suction mount for your car, I can't recommend the Walway enough. There are many other cheaper alternatives out there, but again, it could end up costly if you were to lose one of your expensive action cameras mounted on one of those cheaper ones.

These are available from Amazon but do check prices and availability before buying.

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